…the Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities for the State of North Carolina originated as a companion to the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Symposium (, Explorations offers the opportunity for undergraduates at any 2- or 4-year college or university across the state to be published in a peer-reviewed journal and showcase their exciting work. The usual deadline to submit journal articles to be considered for publication is June 1 each year.  Please visit their website at Explorations for full information concerning submissions and past issues.

Who is eligible?

The primary author or authors must be undergraduates at a 2 or 4 year college or university in the state of North Carolina working on original research under the direction of a faculty mentor. Works may be co-authored. Students at NCSSM are also eligible.

What to Submit?

We are seeking research papers, critical essays (literature/research reviews, articles written on a particular topic), or media submissions of performing/fine arts endeavors. Text of papers should be no more than 6000 words.

What Disciplines are Included?

The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities for the State of North Carolina will provide opportunities for a variety of text and media submissions in the following disciplines:

Biological, Earth, and Physical Sciences | Business and Legal | Creative Writing and Discourse | Humanities | Mathematics | Performing Arts | Social Sciences | Technology and Engineering | Visual Arts and Design

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– Undergraduate Research Journal of NC State University (URJ-NCState) is a student-run publication that highlights mentored research and creative projects completed by undergraduates. In May 2004, Dr. George Barthalmus, late Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, initiated the URJ-NCSU in order to create a publication that showcases the work of students, who had committed themselves to scholarly, independent research.

The Journal accepts papers from all colleges and disciplines at NC State. The contents of an issue are entirely determined by students’ submissions. The Journal is divided into two main sections to accommodate both creative and scientific papers. As of 2018 the OUR will move to overseeing the publication of Explorations and will no longer publish the Ink Journal.