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Undergraduate Research Seminars

OUR seminars are professional development and/or knowledge-building opportunities for undergraduate researchers. They provide information on a variety of research-related topics. Student researchers from all disciplines are welcome, as are students at all research experience levels.

Funded students are required to attend seminars; please review your program contract, Moodle page, emails, and/or handbook for more on your program requirements.

Spring 2023 Research Support Seminars

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  • Speaking with Faculty and Basic Research Expectations
  • Maximizing the Library as an Undergraduate Researcher
  • Map Your Data and Tell a Story: Getting Started with ArcGIS Online and StoryMaps
  • Conferences: Finding Them, Applying, Presenting, and Etiquette
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Tufte
  • Getting Started with R
  • Help Session for Summer Awards
  • The Business Side of Publishing and Accessing Research
  • Research Fraud, Retractions, and Citation Patterns
  • Managing Real World Data with Google Sheets
  • Engaging with Communities as a Researcher
  • Help Session: Review, Practice, and Feedback (offered twice; Note: In order to count these sessions for PD requirements, you must have a completed project brought with you for review).

Past Seminar Topics

  • Student Research Experiences
  • Research Types and Communicating with Mentors
  • The Business Side of Publishing and Accessing Research
  • Elements of Visualization Design
  • Award Proposals/Presenting Help Session
  • Research Fraud, Retractions, and Citations Patterns
  • UFO and Funding/Graduate School
  • Steps in Publishing
  • Steps in Poster Presenting
  • Steps in Talking about Research
  • What is research? Proposals, steps, and dissemination
  • How do I speak with a professor?
  • DEI in research: Who is a researcher?
  • How do I present at a conference?
  • How does publishing in a journal (or other space) work?
  • Presentation and poster prep & giving/receiving feedback
  • Opportunities for Fall 2022
  • Research, resumes, skills, and paths
  • Communicating research findings
  • (Summer) Research experiences for undergraduates