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Summer Research Programs and REU’s Toolkit

This webpage is intended for faculty and staff of summer research programs.

Welcome! This web page is for faculty and staff that coordinate NC State Summer REU’s, Summer Research Programs and PI’s of independent summer researchers.

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) will maintain a Google Group to correspond with faculty and staff coordinators and faculty to discern interest each year. To join the group, please search Google Groups for “NC State Summer REU’s and Summer Research Programs” and request to be added.

To register your Summer 2023 program, please submit your information with this form. This allows the OUR to share information about your program with students, communicate news about supplemental programming, and share all-programs requirements from a central location with program leaders. Please visit the “2023 Summer Research Programs at NC State” page to view promoted programs from 2023.

Information/resources for logistics and administrative planning are communicated via email after registering your program.

Join the OUR Google Group for all the latest updates

Dr. Natasha Olby works with a dog at the College of Veterinary medicine at the campus' biomedical research campus.
Dr. Natasha Olby works with a dog at the College of Veterinary medicine at the campus’ biomedical research campus. Photo by Marc Hall

Activity Listings for Summer 2023

The Office of Research and Innovation requires the following paperwork:

  • Non-NC Students, visiting researcher agreement: Access Here
  • NC State Students, volunteer research agreement: Access Here

Information about Symposium will be available on the Symposium website.

The OUR will run a 2023 Summer Seminar Series in addition to the programming below. Students can view descriptions, times, locations, and register using this form (you do NOT need to register for REU programming). Any student who wishes to attend is welcome! We will take attendance should you wish to confirm an REU participant’s attendance.

Activity - PresenterDateTime/Location
(Earliest) Summer Housing Move-InMay 19, 2023Reach out to Housing if you have questions.
Safety Orientation - NCSU EHSMay 311:30-2:30; Duke Energy Hall, Hunt Library
Welcome Reception - NCSU OUR

Campus resources, programming, safety, & icebreakers (program leaders may choose to attend/opt out)
May 313:00-5:00, Duke Energy Hall, Hunt Library

light refreshments
Social Event (optional) - NCSU OURJune 69:00-11:00, Withers 232A
Diversity Workshop - NCSU OIEDJune 13, 20239:00-12:00, Withers 232A
Poster Preparation & Symposium Registration Help - NCSU OURJune 209:00-11:00, Withers 232A

*Optional social session to be offered 11:00-12:00 if weather allows
Research Ethics - Dr. D. Resnik, NIHJune 279:30-11:00, SAS 2203
Deadline for Summer Symposium Registration (and mentor approval)July 711:59pm
Graduate School - Applying & Funding - NCSU UFO/Grad SchoolJuly 109:30-11:30, Withers 232A
Deadline for Poster printing with OUR partnerJuly 20Students should make sure to check the estimated completion day/time on the printing site!
Summer SymposiumJuly 27DH Hill Library

(traditional and digital poster options)
(Latest) Summer Housing Move OutAugust 5, 2023 (10:00am)Reach out to Housing if you have questions.

Updated as of May 2023. Please use the current table for planning purposes.