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Opportunities at NC State

Undergraduate Research and Scholarship at NC State University can look different according to the discipline. Students may be working directly with the faculty mentor, be a part of a larger collaboration of graduate students, post-docs, and/or other undergraduates, or have a small team of several undergraduate students working under a mentor. Research may even be called by different names in various colleges, but underneath the differences in terminology and approach, students are gaining skills on how to create knowledge in their field.

Usually when a student begins undergraduate research with a faculty mentor, it is as a volunteer. Occasionally, faculty members will have grant funds that can support a student financially but you should not go into undergraduate research expecting it to pay a salary or stipend. The rewards from your experience are not usually financial but are instead the knowledge that you gain and the doors that the experience can open.

After students have found a mentor and established a working relationship with a mentor, students may apply for grants to help fund their research through OUR. Students do not have to have a grant to do research!

Examples of Research Opportunities

  • Working within a department with a faculty member or research group as a volunteer or paid student researcher
  • Working as an undergraduate research fellow within a grant.

Here are some examples of programs that provide this opportunity on campus:

Courses That Offer a Research Component

Colleges and departments may also list undergraduate research links and opportunities. A partial listing of the various faculty research across campus is below.