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Fast Facts

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) works to support and promote discovery-, inquiry-, scholarship and creativity-based opportunities through mentored research experiences.

How We Achieve Our Mission

The Office of Undergraduate Research assists students and mentors by:

  • connecting one another with exciting research opportunities
  • awarding research funds
  • hosting research exploration events
  • reducing barriers for participation in research
  • providing opportunities to communicate research to others through multiple research symposiums, a research journal, and funding to intern/national conferences to present their research


Dr. George T Barthalmus, Undergraduate Academic Program. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

In 2003, Dr. James Anderson and Dr. Jo Allen, who had been subsequent Vice Provosts for Undergraduate Affairs, secured the financial support for a new Office of Undergraduate Research. Undergraduate research had always happened at NC State but was not previously organized under an office designed to serve students and mentors. Dr. George Barthalmus, who had previously served as the Associate Dean for Academic Programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Interim Director of the University Honors Program, was hired as a half-time employee and served as the first director for the office. Three years later, the office expanded to include a full-time Associate Director. In 2012, after the death of Dr. Barthalmus, Dr. Chris Ashwell, Professor of Animal Genomics in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, became the second director.

Originally housed in Park Shops, the Office of Undergraduate Research moved to DH Hill Jr. Library in 2020 after significant renovations. The move brought new partnerships and opportunities to expand undergraduate research at NC State.

By the numbers


Awarded to students in 2021-2022 working on research and creative activities through research awards and the FWS program


Students presented at the 2021 State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS)


Students were selected to present at the 2022 National Conference on Undergraduate Research


Student selected for the highly competitive Posters on the Hill in 2021


Students were enrolled in the OUR Federal Work-Study Research Assistant program in 2021-2022


Students served their peers as OUR Ambassadors in 2021-2022


  • 2 professional team members
  • 1 graduate student
  • 1 social media and communications intern
  • 4 student ambassadors

Annual Events and Conferences

  • Connect: A Series of Research Power Hours (previously known as Speed Researching)
  • Sidewalk Symposium
  • Undergraduate Research Slam
  • NC State Spring Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium
  • NC State Summer Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium
  • Summer Research Workshop Series
  • State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS)
  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)
  • World Congress on Undergraduate Research (WCUR)
  • Posters on the Hill
  • ACC Meeting of the Minds
  • Research-related Professional Development Seminars

Associate Director

Dr. Catherine Showalter

Phone: 919.513.0095
Location: 2425 DH Hill Jr. Library