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NC State Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium

Symposium 2024

April 23- 24, 2024
Talley Student Union

Summer Symposium 2024

July 26 2024
DH Hill Jr Library

Sidewalk Symposium 2023

September 26, 2023
DH Hill Jr Library (Hillsborough Entrance)

*NC State hosts Spring and Summer Symposia. Students looking to complete an oral/poster presentation in the fall should consider SNCURCS or a disciplinary conference.

2024 Spring Symposium

  • The 2024 Spring Symposium will be held April 23-24 in Talley Student Union
    • Submissions will be accepted February 21 – March 25 (at 11:59pm)
    • A schedule and abstract book will be posted in April
  • All NC State students working on research or creative endeavors in any field are invited to submit!
  • Visitors are welcome!
    • Whether you’re a presenter, a peer, a mentor, a family member, a friend, a staff/faculty member, or just curious, please stop by!
    • We encourage students to attend multiple sessions/stay the full day.
  • Poster/presentation help sessions will be offered on
    • March 5, 4:00-5:00pm in Witherspoon Student Center 201
    • April 3, 12:00-1:00pm in Talley 3285
    • April 12, 10:00am-12:00pm in Withers 105
  • More information on the submission site will be provided soon
    • The submission site will open on February 21 and submission will be accepted until March 25 at 11:59pm
  • Submit a research or creative project that is complete, in progress, a section of the greater project, etc.
  • All submissions MUST have a mentor associated with them and the mentor will need to approve the submission. Work with your mentor BEFORE submitting. Only submit when the final draft is ready.
  • Submissions close on March 25; students will hear from the OUR roughly two weeks after this date. Watch for emails from the OUR!
  • Due to the Spring Wellness Day and subsequent loss of a reading day, Symposium will be held on the final day of classes (April 23) and the reading day (April 24). While we will not schedule a student to present during their class (unless Symposium is part of class assignments), some students will need to present on April 23 outside of class times.
  • Reach out to the OUR with any questions!
  • 2023 Abstract Book
    • Find more abstract books and project examples here.
  • Symposium does not count as a professional development requirement for OUR-funded students.
  • Oral Presentations
    • 12 minute presentation & 3 minute Q&A
    • Students will be assigned a presentation within a session with other presenters and are expected to stay for the full session (do NOT present and leave)
    • Follow NCSU Branding rules in your PPT design
  • Exhibits, performances, or creative works
    • 20-minute OR 60-minute slots (students will choose in the submission form)
    • Students will be expected to stay for the duration of the session (sessions are 60 minutes, multiple presenters may be in a session together)
    • Follow NCSU Branding rules for templated mediums
  • Poster Presentations
    • 60-minute sessions
    • Students will be assigned an hour and present their poster (in a roughly 3-minute synopsis) to listeners stopping by during the hour
    • Students will present and answer questions
    • Follow NCSU Branding rules for your poster – use the 48×36 template (horizontal orientation; 36×48 is allowed, too)
    • How do I create and present a poster?
      • Less text, more visuals. No paragraphs of text – only bulleted essentials.
    • Poster printing will be paid for by the OUR as long as students meet the deadline (submit by April 17) and use the OUR printing partner
      • The OUR prints with CALS. Use the website to determine “print by” dates and get your poster done in time.
      • Students won’t be able to submit through the printer until the first week of April. Students will receive an email.
      • Students are responsible for submitting with the printer, picking up their poster, bringing it to Symposium at their assigned time, and taking it home/recycling it.
      • If you print somewhere else, printing will be done at your own expense.
  • More information coming soon
  • Students will need to check in at the table in front of the ballroom no fewer than 15 minutes before their assigned time. Students can freely attend Symposium at any time over the two days, but must check in before their assigned session (cannot check in at the beginning of the day for an afternoon presentation)
  • Presenters are expected to stay for the full duration of their session. Posters – present and stay with the poster during the assigned hour. Oral/Exhibit – present and stay to hear the other presenters assigned in the room for the hour. Conference etiquette dictates that you attend other presentations and support fellow presenters.
  • Poster presenters only need to bring their posters. The OUR will provide boards, stands, and tacks.
  • Review and maintain communication with the OUR!
  • Dress in business casual/business attire while presenting.
  • Guests are welcome! Family, friends, and other stakeholders in the research experience that want to cheer on students are welcome to attend, mingle, observe, and ask questions.

2023 Summer Symposium

  • Summer Symposium 2023 was held on July 27 in Hill Library.
  • Read about the Summer Symposium projects, mentors, and researchers in the ABSTRACT BOOK

Sidewalk Symposium – Fall 2023

The OUR seeks undergraduates of all majors who have been working on research, scholarly, and creative projects to participate by creating colorful visual presentations of their research using nothing but chalk.