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OUR Research Assistant Program

After the Summer 2024 session, the OUR RA program will be suspended until further notice. For those eligible, we encourage you to apply for a Federal Work Study RA position. Please schedule a meeting with the OUR if you have any questions.

Please review the requirements at the bottom of the page before getting started.

To apply, click the link below to view the posting in ePACK. From there, click the "apply now" button and complete the Google form with the requested information. When we receive your application, we’ll review the described work, confirm with your mentor, and then send a contract that both you and your mentor will sign. Upon receipt of the contract, you will be hired as a research assistant under the OUR.

Note: This is only one option for getting involved with research. We encourage you to speak with the OUR about other opportunities that might work for you!

OUR Research Assistant Program Position

Applications for Summer 2024 have closed.

After the Summer 2024 session, the OUR RA program will be suspended until further notice. Please schedule a meeting with the OUR if you have any questions.

A student works with Assitant Professor Tarek Aziz in the Hydraulics Lab in Fitts-Woolard Hall on Centennial Campus. Photo by Marc Hall



  • Students must already have a confirmed mentor. The OUR will not match you with a mentor for this position. If you would like assistance with finding a mentor, please review this page on our website or meet with an OUR ambassador or staff member.
  • Students must apply on ePACK and complete all application materials. Students in all disciplines can participate; we welcome all research and/or creative endeavors!
  • Students CANNOT be employed as research assistants through the FWS or PEP programs (i.e., you cannot hold two OUR RA positions at the same time). If you hold a non-RA FWS or PEP position, you can still apply. Students cannot be enrolled in an REU and have an RA position.
  • Students CANNOT be employed (earn personal pay) via two funding sources for the same RA position/project, even if one of them is non-OUR (e.g., an OUR RA and RA from a mentor’s grant).
  • Students must be currently enrolled as undergraduate students at NC State during the semester employed.
  • Students must complete a professional development experience and survey, final survey reflection, and present at the NC State Symposium matching their funding period.
  • A mentor cannot hire more than two students through this program. If a mentor has additional students seeking funding, they are encouraged to review alternative opportunities provided by the OUR or their grants.
  • Before hiring is complete, the RA and mentor must sign a contract agreeing to the above requirements.


  • Research Assistants will be paid $15/hour.
  • OUR RA positions are semester-based; RAs are hired for a semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer) and must reapply if they wish to continue an OUR RA into a new semester.
    • Fall/Spring working timeline: First day of semester classes to last day of semester classes
    • Summer working timeline: Second week of May to last day of full Summer session (end of July)
      • Note: If you will be unable to clock 10 hours for more than two weeks (e.g., for a vacation), you will not be considered.
    • Hours can be logged remotely if agreed upon with a mentor and remote work is meaningful research engagement.
  • Students hired as an OUR RA will work and be paid up to 10 hours per week. Students must work 10 hours per week on a regular basis. Students can work more than ten but will only be paid for ten hours.
    • OUR RA positions are meant to be intensive and provide contact hours; the OUR will monitor hours, and RAs working consistently less than ten hours will have their positions terminated or be ineligible for future funding. While we know hours vary, if your work will not provide a consistent ten hours, let others take advantage of this opportunity.
  • The WolfTime web-based time clock will be used by students to clock in and out for hours worked.
  • Students will use Moodle Projects to access program information and requirements after being hired.
  • Employment will end on the last day of classes of the semester.
  • You can review the contract for the position here: OUR RA Contract
  • In the application, you will be asked to provide some basic information, as well as
    • what question you are exploring/topic you are gaining more knowledge of/creation you are undertaking (describe the project; provide context – what gap are you filling/why is the project happening) – minimum response of 200 words,
    • how you will contribute to the project (we need to know you will be working towards a presentable project and actively engaged with the research) – minimum response of 200 words,
    • and how it will impact you/knowledge, skills, abilities you will develop as the student partaking – minimum response of 150 words.
    • Keep in mind that this experience is meant to be intensive and you will need to work 10 hours/week. The more information you provide about the project in order for us to determine feasibility and your contribution, the more likely you are to receive an RA position.
  • The OUR holds the right to inquire further about the position or reject an application if the project/work is not suitable (student engagement must contribute to a project in order to meet the requirements listed in the Overview section).
  • Number of available positions per semester will vary based on the Office budget. The OUR RA program will be available each semester – Fall positions, Spring positions, and Summer positions. Summer RAs do not need to be taking courses but must intend to take classes the in Fall (i.e., be a currently enrolled student). Students can apply for multiple semesters.

Please email any questions you have to the office at

The OUR also offers positions through the Provost’s Professional Experience (PEP) Program. Students must already have a mentor, and applications are due at the beginning of the academic year. All RA positions have requirements to remain employed/in good standing.

If you have a faculty mentor that is interested in having their own PEP positions, please have them reach out to Marion Zanga ( in the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid for more information.

In addition, the OUR offers positions through the Federal Work-Study RA Program. See site for details.