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Jess Schinsky

College of Sciences


Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Year: Junior
Memberships: Omega Phi Alpha service sorority, NCSU Club gymnastics, Turtle Rescue Team, Zoology Club
How I got started: Going into college I knew I wanted to participate in research. I used the OUR to help me find faculty that were doing research in fields that I was interested in. I emailed a few professors and luckily enough one of them had an opportunity for me. I began helping her with research for an animal-themed podcast that she was starting.
My current research: I am studying the behavior of zoo-housed elephants at the NC Zoo. Specifically, I am helping a graduate student with her thesis where she is researching the relationship between daytime and nighttime activity patterns in elephants across seasons.
My #1 Tip: Be persistent! It takes time and patience to find research opportunities but thankfully there are many resources to help.