Council on Undergraduate Research [CUR]

The Office of Undergraduate Research [OUR] is pleased to provide all students, faculty and staff the opportunity to become a member of CUR free of charge. The individual CUR membership is provided through the NC State University Enhanced Institutional Membership. The membership is paid for by the Office of Undergraduate Research in support of the mission of research at NC State.

Membership Benefits

CUR Membership is designed to assist faculty, administrators, researchers, staff, and students in their efforts to develop, enhance, sustain, and support undergraduate research on their campuses and beyond. We look forward to your participation in this vital network, as CUR’s diverse membership works together to advance undergraduate research across the nation and around the world.

After you enter your name and title, please be sure to select the ‘Name of your institution’ from the drop down using North Carolina State University.

It should alert you to the fact that your membership is covered, and then will prompt you to continue to add your contact information.Once your membership is processed, you will receive a confirmation email.