Welcome to the NC State University Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)

Please use this site as your starting point to learn about the many opportunities for NC State students in undergraduate research!  Join our NCSU Undergradute Research Info Google Group to receive emails of deadlines, opportunities, and special events. To join, you will need to log into the NCSU Unity system and search for "NCSU Undergraduate Research Info" Google Group and then join.

Search our research-related opportunities and information for NC State undergraduate students interested in engaging in independent or collaborative research with faculty members and research professionals.  We also provide Undergraduate Research Grants with two major calls for funding each year.   In addition, the OUR orgainizes two research symposia each year for students to share their research findings.  Numerous other opportunities can be found by looking through the site!


Summer Grant Applicants Please Note:

Due to events that the OUR hosted in early April, our grant process has been delayed and we have not sent any notifications to all those who applied for summer funding. We are currently working on reviewing proposals and budgets and will notify you as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your understanding. (HK 4/20/2015)