2021 Sidewalk Symposium

Call for Presenters

Registration for presenters is open until September 24th. If you are interested in participating, please email us at undergraduate-research@ncsu.edu.

Get creative and consider including:

  • Questions your project seeks to answer or raise
  • Thought-provoking or troubling facts, statistics, etc.
  • Interesting or surprising outcomes, conclusions, etc.
  • Diagrams of methods, relevant processes, etc.
  • Illustrations of biological or chemical structures
  • Drawings of mechanical components and designs excerpts (quotations) from qualitative survey data
  • Titles of creative or performance pieces
  • Historical timelines or the names of important figures
  • Graphs, charts or tables of significant data
  • Mathematical formulas, relevant theorems, etc.
  • Problems your project aims to address

Assistance with Your Work

An artist will be available prior to the event to help conceptualize your research into art.

Send questions to undergraduate-research@ncsu.edu

Sponsored By:

The Office of Undergraduate Research, NC State University Libraries, and the Crafts Center

Sidewalk Symposium 2019

Abstracts & Photos from the 2019 Sidewalk Symposium

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