Sidewalk Symposium

We’re bringing the sidewalk to your desk!

Undergraduate students create colorful visual presentations of their research using colored pencils, paper, a cell phone stand, and Zoom.

Attendees can log in at any time during the event to watch the presentations as they’re made and engage in dialogue with the researchers.

Sidewalk Symposium 2020 Schedule

TimeUndergraduate ResearcherCollegeProject Title
11:00amAshley CrickardCollege of EngineeringThe Consistency of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Signal With Varying Angles Of Impact
11:00amMalone HanisCollege of Agriculture & Life SciencesProliferation Assays of 33 and 81 LNCaP
11:00amLara RabinowitzWilson College of Textiles and College of Humanities & Social SciencesArtifact-led textile design at the Textile Heritage Museum, Burlington, North Carolina
11:00amLauren RamiloCollege of SciencesIncreasing the Online Presence of Delftia avidovorans Through an Interactive, Accessible, and Engaging Web Hub
11:30amMichelle Mayakis & Taeim KwonCollege of SciencesExploring Demodex Mites on Lemurs
12:30pmGaven BellCollege of SciencesGenetic variation between workers and queens during colony introduction
1:00pmRabeya TahirCollege of SciencesWikiEdu
2:00pmCaroline Diehl, Anna Pannick, Colin HadleyCollege of SciencesAye-Aye Mother-Infant Vocalizations
2:00pmEmily LeisterCollege of Humanities & Social Sciences and College of SciencesThe Relationship Between Instagram Use and Anxiety/Depressive Symptoms: A Daily Diary Study
2:00pmMegan PryorCollege of Sciences and College of EducationOn Tight 9-Cycle Decompositions of 3-Uniform Hypergraphs

Call for Presenters

Registration for presenters is now closed. If you are still interested in participating and are able to pick up a supply kit from the Hill Library before Sept 25, please email us at

Get creative and consider including:

  • Questions your project seeks to answer or raise
  • Thought-provoking or troubling facts, statistics, etc.
  • Interesting or surprising outcomes, conclusions, etc.
  • Diagrams of methods, relevant processes, etc.
  • Illustrations of biological or chemical structures
  • Drawings of mechanical components and designs excerpts (quotations) from qualitative survey data
  • Titles of creative or performance pieces
  • Historical timelines or the names of important figures
  • Graphs, charts or tables of significant data
  • Mathematical formulas, relevant theorems, etc.
  • Problems your project aims to address

Assistance with Your Work

An artist will be available prior to the event to help conceptualize your research into drawing.

Send questions to

Sponsored By:

The Office of Undergraduate Research, NC State University Libraries, and the Crafts Center

Abstracts & Photos from the 2019 Sidewalk Symposium

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Sidewalk Symposium 2019