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What to do After Being Awarded a OUR Travel Award


  • Submit ALL receipts prior to travel or within 10 days of travel completion
  • Must have your name printed on receipt (handwritten is not accepted)
  • Receipts not received within 30 days of your travel will be voided
  • Must show total amount paid with payment type
  • Email all receipts to

Non-receipt Items

  • Meals are paid at the University Per Diem Rates
  • Tips to drivers and baggage handlers if under $5
  • Mileage for those trips within driving distance

Approved Expenses

  • Conference registration
  • Ground transportation: taxi, Uber, Lyft, train, airfare
  • Accommodations: hotels and motels
  • Meals: excluding any provided by the conference of hotel accommodations
  • Mileage: to and from conference location/city
  • Parking destination
  • Tips for baggage service – up to a $5 maximum

Non-approved Expenses

  • Poster printing
  • Airbnb, VRBO, and all third party accommodations
  • Receipts that do not contain traveler name
  • Car rental
  • Third-party payments. For example, a student organization cannot pay a registration for a student and the student pay the student organization
  • Membership fees
  • Ground transportation to and from RDU

Other Restrictions and Limitations

  • Students will not receive funds in the form of an advance
  • Students will not have access to directly use the University Pcard
  • Confirmation email does not constitute a receipt
  • Mileage is paid only to the owner of the vehicle and cannot be split
  • Travel reimbursements processed by other University Departments will be covered via IDT to that department and not directly to the student
  • Awards paid as travel reimbursements based on policies per the University Controller’s Office
  • Students will not directly receive funds prior to completion of travel

Other requirements

  • Coming soon: students will also need to submit a reflection of their experience. Submitters will be notified in advance of when this requirement will take effect.


You can plan on receiving your reimbursement 1-3 weeks after the reimbursement is submitted and approved through all channels.

Yes. There is a section on the travel award application that you can check off indicating that there will be funds coming from another department.

Once you receive the email from the conference confirming your acceptance to present you can apply for the travel award.

Yes. Students must submit the following before a travel award can be reviewed for approval: travel application, AP104 form, abstract, copy of acceptance, and mentor recommendation letter.

If your conference is cancelled, please let OUR know immediately. If your conference is postponed, please let OUR know immediately so all information can be updated.