What to do After Being Awarded a OUR Travel Award

What to do After Receiving a OUR Travel Award

PREPAID TRAVEL:  If a student would like for registration, airfare or other travel related expense paid prior to travel using a university P-Card, they may contact Heather King. The OUR will not process any form of travel advance directly to the student nor mentor.
  1. Within 10 days after the travel ends, submit for reimbursement, the receipts that indicate full payment was made (zero balance due) and a PDF copy of the student’s printed abstract or presentation listing from the conference to Heather King at 2229 Broughton Hall or email hking@ncsu.edu.
  2. If receipts are not received within 30 days of travel your award will be void and the OUR office will not be able to reimburse your expenses. This step is the responsibility the student and the OUR does not remind students to send in receipts after travel.
    • Be the original receipt in pdf scanned format, forwarded email, or physical receipts turned in.
    • Show the total amount paid.
    • Payment and type (ie credit card)
    • Have YOUR name printed on the receipt for airfare, train (not including unmanned ticket stations), registration and hotel receipts.
    • Be in PDF format or be original email from vendor. Distorted or unclear images of receipts will not be accepted and will not be processed (you will be notified via email if this is the case).
    • Be received no more than 30 days after travel. After 30 days, if receipts are not received by our office you will not be able to receive reimbursement based on University travel policy.
    • Travel Expense cannot be paid to the student that were paid by a department* or a student group. We can not reimburse a student for expenses not paid out of his or her pocket and directly paid to a vendor. This excludes 3rd party payments. Our office can disburse your grant (via an IDJ) to a department after travel is completed, if travel paid by department on a university account (this does not include student organizations). Our office will need to be given the name of a departmental bookkeeper to arrange this form of disbursement.
    • HOTEL/ACCOMMODATIONS: If you are sharing a hotel please make sure that you request the hotel print a receipt showing you as a guest. If your name is not on the receipt University Travel Audit will deny the reimbursement and therefore if your name is not on the hotel receipt the OUR will not process for reimbursement. Hand written is not acceptable by the University Travel Audit Department. Hotels should allow you to pay separately and will print a receipt if asked. We can not accept receipts from third party vendors, this includes AirBnB.
    • AIRFARE/TRANSPORTATION: Please note that the University Travel Audit will not accept an email confirmation that does not show that the airline ticket is paid. If you book through Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc please be sure and select option to print a receipt. If your email does not show that the airfare is paid you will not be able to get reimbursed for it. The OUR Travel Grant will not cover vehicle rental so student reimbursement.
    • FOOD/MEALS: Our office follows University Controller’s travel guidelines for all travel reimbursements; including policies regarding meals which pay at the approved per diem rates (set rates by the state government). As such, we do not need receipts for food as the University does not require we submit those since they do not pay any more or less than the per diem rates. Please see this link for more information: Travel Subsistence Rate
      • Meals provided by the conference or hot breakfast served at hotel are excluded from reimbursement regardless of if you eat those meals; in other words, we can not reimburse for meals that are provided.
    • MILEAGE: If you are traveling by personal vehicle you may request mileage reimbursement which will be based on 3D Memo Travel Mileage Rate Change. Mileage will be paid based on NC State as the starting point and Google maps will be used to determine mileage. If traveling in a group, ONLY the person whose vehicle is being used may request mileage.
  4. Once receipts are received, a travel reimbursement will be processed by our office on your behalf. You will receive an email notification of this and if you are a student worker, you will need to approve the travel is accurate in order for it to be further approved and processed. If you are not a student worker you will not need to do anything additional for your travel to be processed.
  5. Travel reimbursements may take up to 30 days to complete approvals and payment to be received by student. If you are a student worker on campus, your reimbursement will have to go to the department in which you are working. In order to expedite the travel approvals you may want to talk with the bookkeeper in the department after you receive notification of the travel reimbursement being initiated.
  6. You CANNOT have two travel reimbursements! What this means is, if you are also having a department or student group cover some of your expenses you must notify our office and provide the name and email of the bookkeeper for your reimbursement. The travel audit system will not allow for two separate reimbursements and typically our office will have to transfer funds to the department for them to reimburse you directly.