Summer Programs

Welcome to NC State and Summer Research!

The OUR coordinates activities and information for all undergraduate research groups and researchers across campus for the summer. Regardless of if you are in a formal program or doing independent undergraduate research, you are more then welcome to use the information provided on this site and attend the activities listed on the Summer Researcher Activities page.

Chemical engineering student Elton Luong of Charlotte takes notes during Chinese language class.
These pages are intended for students who are already accepted into a Summer REU or an NC State undergraduate conducting research over the summer.

If you have any questions this summer, feel free to contact your program director if you have one, or the OUR if you are an independent researcher.


Please see links to some of the summer opportunities at NC State by clicking here

General & Campus Information

General and Campus Information Unity ID          Your unity ID is usually your first initial, middle initial, and last name, sometimes followed by a number. (e.g. Heather King  This Unity ID

Local Info and Attractions

Local Info and Attractions Parks and Swimming Pools Raleigh Swimming Pools (Many pools throughout the city, including some very close to campus.  The Lake Johnson pool is close to campus and is very nice with


Healthcare The health center on campus will treat you but does not process insurance except the NCSU Student insurance plan.  If you have your own health insurance and don’t want to pay out of pocket,

Summer Research Programs and REU’s Toolkit

Welcome! This web page is for faculty and staff that coordinate NC State Summer REU’s, Summer Research Programs and PI’s of independent summer researchers. The Office of Undergraduate Research [OUR] will maintain a Google Group

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

RCR Requirements NC State’s commitment to Responsible Conduct in Research is supported by the university’s Training in Responsible Conduct of Research Rule (RUL 10.15.1). This rule establishes the requirement for responsible conduct of research education


May 29, 2019 Wednesday 1:30-3pm Hunt Library Duke Energy Rooms Safety Orientation, Ken Kretchman Basic safety information for students engaged in research and living on the campus.  Specific safety information for their research and facility