Summer Research Programs

Summer is a great opportunity to participate in a research program. Known by various names such as REUs or SROPs, summer research programs typically include the following:

  • Close work with faculty and other undergraduate researchers
  • Time Bound – usually around 10 weeks
  • Defined Research Problem – each program focuses on a research problem or topic area that will be explored for the
  • Stipend – amount varies depending on the project and its funding source
  • Assistance with housing and travel

Summer research programs require applications with deadlines ranging from December through April. If you are interested in a summer program, we encourage you to explore your options early.

Individual Summer Programs

In addition to the databases above, there are several individual programs that have been shared with OUR. The list below is not inclusive of all summer programs, so we encourage you to search for additional programs that may not be listed here.

If you work for an institution or organization that offers a summer research opportunity and would like to have it listed on this page, please email our office at