External Research Opportunities (Links)

Students can find hundreds of summer research opportunities through the National Science Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the National Institutes of Health, and many other organizations, government agencies, and corporations.  The following links provide a starting point for exploring for the right type of summer experience for each student. The links are intended for NC State undergraduate students looking to find an opportunity over the summer away from NC State campus.

Searchable Databases:

National Science Foundation REU Programs (searchable database)

Pathways to Science – Summer Research Opportunities (searchable database for all disciplines)

Links to Summer Programs:

If you work for an institution or organization that offers a summer research opportunity and would like to have it listed on this page, please email our office at undergraduate-research@ncsu.edu.

NC State University undergraduate students may also be interested in opportunities that take place during the academic year. The following link(s) are just a short list of possible opportunities for students to do research during the academic year at other institutions or organizations.

NIEHS Scholars Connect Program