Since research/scholarship can be done in all disciplines, undergraduate students at NC State University have many different types of opportunities to engage. Creating knowledge in a discipline can be done in the field, lab, library, or studio, to name just a few possibilities. Regardless of the method used, the hands-on experience gained with student research provides a unique perspective into the field and possible future careers. Look through the links provided for opportunities at NC State, summer research opportunities at NC State and other locations and research abroad.  We encourage students to start this process early in their academic career!


Opportunities at NC State

Undergraduate Research and Scholarship at NC State University can look different according to the discipline.  Students may be working directly with the faculty mentor, be a part of a larger collaboration of graduate students, post-docs,

Summer Research Programs

Summer is a great opportunity to participate in a research program. Known by various names such as REUs or SROPs, summer research programs typically include the following: Close work with faculty and other undergraduate researchers

Research Abroad

If you are interested in doing research outside the United States, there are several options to explore. Research Abroad through NC State We encourage students to work jointly with the Study Abroad Office and the Office of

USC 260: Research as a Profession

Broadly defined, research is an interconnected and global process that adds new knowledge, creativity, and innovation to any discipline, from the sciences to the arts to the humanities and in between. This course will provide

Become a Research Ambassador

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is hires undergraduate students with research, creative, and scholarly experience to provide peer mentoring to incoming and current NC State students interested in undergraduate research. The Ambassadors assist the