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Creating and Supporting Remote Research

We’re facing an unprecedented time worldwide that is challenging all of the ways we are used to studying, researching, working, and living our lives. The Office of Undergraduate Research is supportive of ongoing efforts to move research opportunities to remote and digital platforms.

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Our summer research funding (up to $2,000) can be used toward living expenses, including rent, meals, and utilities. All you need to do is develop a project that creates or adds new knowledge to a discipline. There are numerous research projects and creative activities that can be completed from any location.

Consider some of the following:

  • Surveying – Research funds from OUR cannot directly pay participants, but it can purchase survey responses. Check out these resources:
  • Data analysis
  • Literature reviews to help inform an upcoming nor developing project
  • Future trends studies
  • Document and primary source analysis
  • Artistic or musical composition

Many disciplines are perfectly set up for remote research, including the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Others might need a little more creativity. We encourage you to reach out to your mentor to identify ways you can make your research remote.

*Qualtrics is licensed with the University and an account is free to all faculty, staff and students. To access please visit:

[callout bodyfontface=”glypha” headingicon=”noicon” textalign=”textcenter” url=”” target=”true” type=”basic” bgcolor=”innovationblue”]Staff in the libraries are available to assist you with research needs, including acquisition of software and scanning documents or resources. Check out their Ask Us section for assistance.[/callout]

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Looking for ways to involve students in research or creative activity from a distance? We’re compiling a list of ideas from faculty on how to facilitate a great experience. Here are those ideas:

  • Upload to Google Drive electronic data sets, video, and/or take pictures of research tasks
  • Have students:
    • Conduct literature searches and reviews
    • Create figures, tables, and/or charts
    • Write methodology and/or introduction sections for papers, posters, etc.
    • Research future trends and/or new product ideas
    • Identify online learning modules based on your research that could be used for future distance education
    • ┬áLearn new skills like modeling software, drawing software, plotting software, etc.
  • Conduct your research through Citizen Science
  • Pair an undergraduate student with a graduate student to help maintain accountability between both and improve quality of research
  • Identify experimental data that can be modeled using fundamental principles
    • Example from the NEXT Research Group: “We have a complex multilayered thermal system that uses convective cooling as a heat sink. This is something that students learn from a textbook, but applied to the real world often represents interesting challenges.”

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The Office of Undergraduate Research is anticipating being able to fund more summer research than originally projected. Therefore, we are providing an additional extension for summer research awards.

All proposals must be submitted by 11:59pm on April 1

Proposal Requirements:

Proposal Submission:

[panel heading=”Preference for New Proposal Submissions” headingtype=”h4″ type=”panel-default” state=”closed” style=”boostrap”]In particular, we would like to encourage research that can be completed remotely in case we continue to experience reduced operations on campus throughout the summer. Please note, this is not a requirement of summer awards. Summer funding (maximum of $2,000) can be used toward living expenses, including rent and meals; expenses which many of our students may not have initially anticipated for this summer.[/panel]

[panel heading=”Review Process” headingtype=”h4″ type=”panel-default” state=”closed” style=”boostrap”]We have already received many outstanding proposals and will begin having these reviewed immediately. To speed up our review process, we are having proposals reviewed on a rolling basis and will make funding decisions as soon as individual proposal reviews are complete. All decisions will be made no later than April 24. While we have an interest in boosting the number of proposals with remote research, projects with on campus needs will be equally considered.[/panel]

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