Poster Printing for Symposia/Conference

This page pertains only to those NC State undergraduate students (including summer research program students) needing to print a poster and who are registering to present at an NC State University Symposium (Spring and Summer), SNCURCS, NCUR and/or ACC Meeting of the Minds.

NC State Symposia:

  •  IMPORTANT: You MUST use an NC State Unity ID based email to print a poster.
  • The OUR HIGHLY recommends Spring and Summer presenters upload their poster no later than the Friday before the week of the symposium.
  • There are a maximum of 150 uploads available per day, which means if you wait until the last possible day you may not get a spot to print.
  • You will need to have your poster already formatted to the correct size in a PDF format.
  • Students should design their poster to be oriented horizontally or vertically as a 36″ x 48″ poster using the NC State Brand approved templates. Poster Template 48×36 – Brand Approved or Poster Template 36×48 – Brand Approved
  • In most instances, students will have to wait until after registration has closed in order to have access to poster printing. The OUR has to provide student Unity information to the poster printers and then those have to be granted access by that department. Students should be able to access the upload link 1-2 DAYS AFTER registration closes (not including weekends).
  • Once you have uploaded your poster you will receive an email (NCSU EMAILS ONLY) confirmation with the pick up date and time.
  • The poster printing and pick up will take place in Patterson Hall.
  • The cut off time to upload for pick up the next day is 3pm of the day prior to pickup. In other words, you need a 24 hour window during normal business hours to upload and pick up poster. You may upload on a weekend for pick up during the week.
  • Poster pick up will ONLY be available Monday – Friday, 3-5pm. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • If you run out of time (ie. miss the 24 hour window) you may print your poster at your expense at WolfExpress in Talley or the libraries. The OUR will not reimburse students/dept for printing costs associated with poster printing.
  • You do NOT have to have use our poster printing to participate in the Symposium; you are more than welcome to print elsewhere at your expense.
  • You can also find printing policies and poster tips at Large Format Printing Information link and Creating an Effective Poster
Click Here to go to website to upload your poster

Please note you may not have access until after the close of registration, if you try to access too early in the process you will get an error message. Do not contact the OUR if you are accessing early and unable to do so as we are unable to grant access directly. Thank you.