Poster Printing for Symposia/Conference


  • You MUST use an NC State Unity ID based email to print a poster.
  • You will need to have your poster already formatted to the correct size in a PDF format
  • You must be registered to present at an OUR sponsored event


  • For NC State Symposium: Students will have to wait until after symposium registration has closed in order to access poster printing
  • We HIGHLY recommend presenters upload their poster no later than the Friday before the week of the symposium/conference
  • There are a maximum of 150 uploads available per day, which means if you wait until the last possible day you may not get a spot to print.
  • The cut off time to upload for pick up the next day is 3pm of the day prior to pickup
    • In other words, you need a 24 hour window during normal business hours to upload and pick up poster
    • You may upload on a weekend for pick up during the week
  • Once you have uploaded your poster you will receive an email (NCSU EMAILS ONLY) confirmation with the pick up date and time
  • Posters must be picked up from outside 321 Patterson Hall no later than 4:30pm. After 3 business days, any posters left outside room 321 will be recycled.


  • Students should design their poster to be oriented horizontally 48″x36″ using the NC State Brand approved templates.
  • Poster Template 48×36 – Brand Approved
  • We recommend using the NC State brand approved color palette
  • Scanning resolution should be between 75 and 150 dpi. Lower resolutions will result in poor quality images.
  • If you run out of time (ie. miss the 24 hour window) you may print your poster at Wolf Express in Talley or the NCSU libraries.
    • The OUR will not reimburse students/dept for printing costs associated with poster printing.
  • You do NOT have to have use our poster printing; you are more than welcome to print elsewhere at your expense.
  • You can also find printing policies and poster tips at Large Format Printing Information link and Creating an Effective Poster
  • Please allow more time for printing during research symposiums and end of semester projects.
  • For technical issues contact: CAAT Helpdesk (919) 515-6777 |
Click Here to upload your poster for printing

This page pertains only to those NC State undergraduate students (including summer research program students) needing to print a poster and who are registering to present at an NC State University Symposium (Spring and Summer), SNCURCS, NCUR and/or ACC Meeting of the Minds.