NC State University Annual Symposium

Spring Symposium

  • The NC State SPRING Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium will be held annually in April at the Talley Student Center
  • Please see the Register for NC State Symposium page for upcoming dates
  • There will be two sessions of presentations for posters, orals and artistic and design exhibits.
  • Registration open to all undergraduate NC State University students that have worked with NC State mentors OR who have worked with faculty at other colleges and universities
  • Optional judging: Judged by College and Discipline representatives
    • The top presentations, as selected by the judges, will receive a certificate and are invited to a reception by the local chapter of Sigma Xi

Summer Symposium

  • The NC State SUMMER Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held in annually in late July or early August at the Talley Student Center
  • Go to the Register for NC State Symposium page for upcoming dates
  • Two sessions randomly divided by even and odd poster numbers
  • The symposium registration is open to:
    • all NC State undergraduate students OR
    • undergraduate students that have worked with NC State mentors OR
    • participants in formal undergraduate research programs at NC State University (ie Summer REU’s)
  • Check the Register for NC State Symposium page for registration instructions (with opening and closing dates and times)
  • Please see the FAQ Page for answers to most common questions, event information and restrictions

Creative Works Exhibits

  • The symposium will provide those with creative or visual projects to display their projects
  • Students within the arts, textiles and design programs, for which a poster presentation format does not accurately convey the project, will be accepted present their work as an exhibit
  • The number of exhibits/projects will be limited due to space. It may be necessary for the OUR to select a limited number of exhibits and registration does not guarantee participation.
  • Those not selected to present as an exhibit may choose to create a poster presentation and present in that format
  • At this time we are unable to accommodate performances or performance art
  • Criteria:
    1. Projects should be a visual art and/or design projects. (Projects will typically come from the College of Design and/or the College of Textiles, but are not limited to these colleges)
    2. Projects which do not use engineering design process or scientific method
    3. Projects must be able to be set up the day of the event and taken down at the end of the event
    4. Projects should take up no more than 1.5 meters x 1.5 meters (5’x5′) of floor space. All displays must be freestanding or able to sit on a 5’ table
    5. Exhibits will not be able to be hung, nor suspended from any walls or ceilings
      • A foam board (3’x4′) and easel will be provided if needed
      • There will limited spots with electricity available in exhibit location

Fall Symposium

  • The OUR supports and attends the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium every November in lieu of holding a symposium on NC State’s campus.
  • If you are looking to present in the fall please go to the SNCRUCS page on this website or the official site at