FAQ: NC State Symposium Presentations

After you’ve submitted your abstract, these questions may help you in preparing for your presentation.

Location for the Symposium

The symposium will be held in the ballroom at Talley Student Center, 3rd Floor.

Do I Have Any Choices on How I Do My Presentation (Presentation Type)?

All presentations will be poster presentations at the Summer Symposium and at the Spring Symposium, you can choose poster or exhibit. Exhibit presentations are limited to those within the arts, design, textiles and other projects that have a design element for which there will be a product displayed. We are not able to accommodate and additional items at the poster only sessions due to space limitations. Easels, poster display board and push pins will be provided and set up prior to your session. Exhibits will be provided the same as posters and a small table if needed.

Can I use a laptop to display aspects of my project?

NO, unfortunately we do not have the space nor the ability to run electricity to the poster locations. Additionally, the posters are set up so that you have just a small area between you and the next poster and there are no tables or stands to set a laptop or display of any kind. NO additional items other than a poster will be allowed to present.

What Are the Requirements for the Poster Presentation?

Students should design their poster to be oriented horizontally or vertically as a 36″ x 48″ poster using the NC State brand poster templates. Only materials that can be mounted on the provided easel board with the provided pushpins are allowed for poster presentations. This means no additional items other than a poster will be allowed to be present at your assigned poster spot.

What should I wear if I am presenting?

Business / Business casual attire such as sports jackets, suits, dresses, button down shirts, skirts, khaki’s. etc. No athletic/gym attire, ball caps, or inappropriate attire should be worn.

Do I Have Any Choices on When I Do My Presentation?

Spring: When registering to present you will be able to select your preferred session so long as space is still available. We recommend you check the OUR website a couple days before the symposium to confirm your assigned session. Once the system closes you will not be able to access it to check your session time.

Summer: Students are randomly assigned poster numbers after the close of registration which will determine if you present in the odd number session or even number session. The sessions are back to back, students are not able to select their poster number/session, and should plan to attend entire event. Check the OUR website a couple days before the symposium to confirm your assigned session.

When Do I Give My Presentation?

Students will be presenting in specific sessions.  Students will be able to select their preference in presentation sessions in the Spring. Students in the summer will be assigned a session by OUR. Presentations must remain up until the end of your session and you must be present at your poster during your assigned session. Check the OUR website a few days prior to the symposium for a copy of the assigned schedule.

What do I do when I arrive at the symposium?

A registration desk will be outside of the entrance to the symposium for presenting students.  When you sign in at the registration desk, you will be able to pick up your name tag which will have your poster number assignment on it and a symposium booklet of abstracts.  Mentors and guests do NOT need to come to the registration table.

When Can I Start Setting Up My Poster Presentation?

SPRING: You may begin setting up your poster presentation up to 30 minutes before the official start time of the session to which you are assigned, but no later than 15 minutes before the session start time. The boards will already be numbered and you will find you assigned numbered board.

SUMMER: ALL students who are presenting, check in at the registration table 45-30 minutes before the official start time of the symposium.  Typically, in the summer Odd number posters will set up first then the Even numbers will set up 10-15 minutes before the start of the second session. The boards will already be numbered with an odd and an even number and you will find you assigned numbered board.

What happens at the end of the symposium?

At the end of the last session or symposium, you should plan to assist in taking down your poster by removing the push pins, placing them in the provided baggy, remove board and disassemble the easel. We do expect students to assist in the take down of the boards and easels and students should plan accordingly

Will There Be Refreshments?

There will be minimal refreshments served such as iced tea, ice water and cookies. If you are presenting in the afternoon, please plan on eating lunch prior to the session.

Where Can I Find Information on Printing My Poster?

Information on printing your poster and a link to upload your poster file included with the registration process. You can also find printing policies and poster tips at Large Format Printing Information and Creating An Effective Poster. Please also use the NC State Brand approved template: Poster Template 48×36 – Brand Approved or Poster Template 36×48 – Brand Approved

How do I Print My Poster?

You will need to have your poster already formatted to the correct size in a PDF format (the brand templates above will already be in the correct size and will need to be converted to pdf). When you have your file ready, use the link provided after registration closes to upload your poster for printing. You will upload your poster and pick up in Patterson Hall, Monday through Friday in the afternoon. Cut off for next day pick up is 2:59pm the day of upload.

What is the Deadline to Print My Poster?

You will need to have your poster uploaded no later than noon on the Friday before the symposium. There are a finite number of uploads per day and if you wait till the last minute you may not be able to get a poster printing spot (max 150 per day).

What if I Miss the Deadline to Print My Poster?

You will need to have your poster printed at your expense. The OUR will not cover printing outside of the appointment’s we make available through the registration process. We suggest checking with Wolf Express or the library on campus for printing services as they tend to be less expensive than Staples or Fed/Ex Kinko’s.

How Will My Poster Presentation Be Judged? (Spring Only)

The judges will be looking at your research for how you have

  • indicated the nature of the hypothesis being tested,  the research problem or goals being addressed, or the creative project
  • stated why the problem/issue is important or interesting to you;
  • presented the methods used and the results obtained; and
  • indicated the most important findings/developments and why they are significant.

During the interviews, the judges will also be assessing the quality of your research, the way you respond to their questions, and the clarity and quality of the graphics that you use. The judges will be looking for how the students

  • present their information or the data they collected;
  • analyze their data or information;
  • state their findings or conclusions; and
  • organize their overall presentation.

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