Positions / Mentors by College

Below is a list of faculty mentors currently seeking undergraduate research assistants through our OUR FWS RA Program. This list should not be used to deter any student from applying for a position.  If a student does not find a mentor listed below in the discipline of interest, the OUR will work to assist the applicant to find a mentor.

Students MUST apply using the link on the OUR website for one of these positions, failure to follow the hiring process through our office may result in a delay or denial of payment by the OUR for your FWS award.

Position / Mentor List for 2020-2021 Academic Year OUR FWS RA Program

This list includes specific faculty jobs posted as part of the Office of Undergraduate Research's Federal Work Study Research Assistant Program.
In addition to these specific postings, the OUR also has many other mentors who are looking to hire RA's under our general job description. If you are interested in a position please use the link to apply on our website at https://undergradresearch.dasa.ncsu.edu/our-federal-work-study-positions/
CollegeMentor NameFWS Job DescriptionRequired Supplemental Materials
General Job DescriptionVarious Colleges - Various MentorsGeneral Job Description - For all CollegesThe OUR will work to help place applicants with faculty mentors
College of Agriculture and Life SciencesJacklyn BruceCALS Bruce  - Ag & Human SciencesStrong writing, interest in leadership and justice/equity/advocacy
College of Agriculture and Life SciencesColleen DohertyCALS Doherty - Biochemistry Eagerness and interest in working with plants and molecular biology/ biochemistry.
College of Agriculture and Life SciencesLuke GatiboniCALS Gatiboni - Crop and Soil Scienceswillingness to travel in state to work on field experiments related to agriculture
College of Agriculture and Life SciencesJosh HeitmanCALS Heitman - Crop and Soil SciencesNA
College of Agriculture and Life SciencesDaniela JonesCALS Jones - Biological & Agricultural EngineeringNo prior bioenergy/logistics experience is necessary. Students with good communication, data analysis, and programming skills (or willingness to acquire those skills) will be preferred.
College of Agriculture and Life SciencesCarrie PickworthCALS Pickworth - Animal scienceANS 150 & 151, ANS 230 & 231
College of Agriculture and Life SciencesLindsey ThiessenCALS Thiessen - Entomology and Plant PathologyProvide a tentative work schedule (not class schedule) for fall and spring semesters {if known}
College of Agriculture and Life SciencesElsa YoungsteadtCALS Youngsteadt - Applied EcologyInterest in ecology, entomology, or urban ecosystems; related coursework and experience is desirable but not required
College of EngineeringMark PankowSee General Job DescriptionHands on Fabrication, Coding preferred; Students will be working on deployable structures that will be part of a Zero-Gravity flight campaign working with NASA. The work will require the candidate to work as a member of a team performing fabrication and testing of different components. The structures are made of composite materials mainly carbon fiber and epoxy.
College of EngineeringBinil StarlySee General Job DescriptionComputer programming foundations (in C++ or Python or Java), Linear Algebra, basic statistics
College of Humanities and Social SciencesThomas BirklandCHASS Birkland - Public AdministrationSome background in political science, public policy, or a related social science discipline. Good library searching skills. Good computer skills, including basic database and spreadsheets.
College of Humanities and Social SciencesVeljko DubljevicCHASS Dubljevic - Philosophy and Religious studiesAny ethics course
College of Humanities and Social SciencesHeidi HobbsCHASS Hobbs - Political ScienceNA
College of Humanities and Social SciencesAkram KhaterSee General Job DescriptionArabic would be great, but not necessary
College of Humanities and Social SciencesBruce McDonaldSee General Job DescriptionStatistics, GIS, accounting or political science would be nice, but not required
College of Humanities and Social SciencesJulie MellCHASS Mell - HistoryNA
College of Humanities and Social SciencesSeth MurrayCHASS Murray - Interdisciplinary StudiesNA
College of Humanities and Social SciencesElizabeth SaylorSee General Job DescriptionKnowledge of the Arabic language (2nd year)
College of Humanities and Social SciencesAmanda StewartSee General Job DescriptionData entry, management, research, and writing
College of Humanities and Social SciencesJason SwartsCHASS Swarts - EnglishNA
College of Humanities and Social SciencesJocelyn TaliaferroSee General Job DescriptionIn addition to the information in the generic job description, this project is researching mental health service access and attitudes of African Americans. The project is in its development stages and students may be involved in all aspects of research design, implementation, analysis, and dissemination.
College of Humanities and Social SciencesVanessa VolpeCHASS Volpe - PsychologyBlackHealthLab_App - Volpe
College of Humanities and Social SciencesKaren YoungCHASS Young - PsychologyNA
College of Natural ResourcesNathalie LavoineCNR Lavoine - Forest BiomaterialsKnowledge in materials science, polymer, engineering, and chemistry is a plus
College of Natural ResourcesZakiya LeggettCNR Leggett - Forestry and Environmental ResourcesNA
College of Natural ResourcesElizabeth NicholsCNR Nichols - Forestry and Environmental ResourcesScience majors
College of Natural ResourcesKrishna PacificiSee General Job DescriptionInterest in Fisheries, Wildlife, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Environmental Sciences.
College of Natural ResourcesLokendra PalCNR Pal - Forest BiomaterialsNA
College of Natural ResourcesMelissa PasquinelliCNR Pasquinelli - Forest Biomaterialsorganic chemistry, physics 205 or equivalent
College of SciencesDavid AylorSee General Job DescriptionNA
College of SciencesStefanie ChenCOS Chen - Biological Sciences/Biotechnology ProgramBIO 183 required; BIT 410 preferred
College of SciencesCarlos GollerCOS Goller - Biological SciencesNA
College of SciencesJay LevineCOS Levine - Marine, Earth and Atmospheric SciencesBIo 105, Bio 106m ch 100, additional biological sciences and chemistry classes are helpful
College of SciencesJohn MeitzenSee General Job DescriptionNA
Poole College of ManagementJoe BrazelSee General Job DescriptionResearch related to Corporate Fraud and Fraud Detection
Wilson College of TextilesJessica GluckTextiles Gluck - Textile Engineering, Chemistry and ScienceBIO 183, interest in tissue engineering and ability to learn about biomaterials
Wilson College of TextilesRussell GorgaTextiles Gorga - Textile Engineering, Chemistry and ScienceChemistry and physics
Wilson College of TextilesJesse JurSee General Job DescriptionElectronics and Writing Skills;
This position will investigate materials processes and system design for the development of textile-based wearable electronics. In addition, the student will be involved in managing human trial testing in the application of wearable devices.