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College of Engineering


Hometown: Indian Trail, North Carolina
Year: Senior
Memberships: Beckman Scholars Program, Presiding Officer of the Student Conduct Board, Neurocomputational Ethics Research Group, University Honors Program, Helping Hand Project
How I got started: A teacher told me about a summer research program at UNC when I was in high school (the Young Innovators Program) and the rest is history!
My current research: I work with the Keung and Rao Groups in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering studying epigenetic writer proteins using a novel yeast surface display platform. I’ve investigated histone kinase activity as well as the residue specificity of lysine acetyltransferases to natural variants of the H3 and H4 histone tails.
My #1 Tip: Take the opportunities that come your way but don’t be afraid to look for greener pastures! There are many flavors of research and it’s okay to take a few tries before finding something you’re truly passionate about.