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Lily Mullins

College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Minor: Health, Medicine, and Human Values
Hometown: Hendersonville, NC
Year: Senior
How I got started: I looked into the research facilities in my department and reached out to the heads of labs that I was most interested in working with.
My current research: I am currently an undergraduate research assistant in the Teen Health Lab, here at NC State. At the moment, I am reprogramming a pre-existing web-based sexual health program onto a new software platform. Additionally, I have been collaborating with a graduate student in the lab to examine barriers to sexual health education and healthcare access among youth in child welfare.
My #1 tip: Be proactive! Whether this be through emailing professors whose work you’re interested in, attending office hours and asking your instructor about their research, or asking cohorts about how they got started. One single email or question can open up doors for you to grow individually and professionally.