Travel Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Research through the Division of Academic & Student Affairs (DASA) may provide Travel Grants of up to a maximum of $500 (amounts may vary) to current (active/enrolled) NC State University undergraduate students to formally present their undergraduate research at a national and/or international conference. These grants are given on a rolling basis and there is no hard deadline.


  • The student must be presenting their own research in a formal presentation at an international, national or regional discipline conference/meeting and listed as lead author or co-author of a undergraduate team only.
  • The student must be an enrolled/active undergraduate student at time of travel.
    • For example, if you graduate in Dec of 2016 you can not apply for a travel grant for travel during March of 2017.
  • Travel dates should take place from July 2016 through June 2017.
  • Travel awards will be based on available funds and review of your submission of the completed documents.
  • These grants are not guaranteed to be awarded based solely on completion of submission documents. They will be reviewed and a determination email will be sent within 1-2 weeks from receipt of ALL required documents.
  • Travel Grants will NOT be approved after travel is completed.
  • REMEMBER: The poster or the last oral presentation slide must acknowledge receipt of this travel grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research, NC State University; similarly, if the student has received a grant award to conduct research from the Office of Undergraduate Research, it must also be acknowledged.


  • A student will be awarded a maximum of one (1) Travel grant per academic year (July-June)
  • We do not provide funding to those attending a conference only (ie. not listed as a presenter in the program or abstract acceptance).
  • Being listed as co-author to a faculty member or graduate student(s) does not qualify for funding. (This needs to be the undergraduate student’s work and presented as such.)
  • General (cross-discipline) research conferences/symposiums or informal presentations are not included in consideration for funding.
  • Research teams (multiple students) making a single presentation will receive lower priority and may receive reduced funding. For example, a team of two students may be awarded $500 to present one project = $250 per student.
  • These particular “grants” are treated as travel reimbursements based on University travel policies and procedures.
    • Please check these policies before booking travel as some things are not able to be reimbursed, such as AirBnB, hotel receipts without your name printed on it, cost to print poster, meals in excess of per diem, poster printing, etc.
    • IMPORTANT: The OUR cannot and will not reimburse students for items not paid directly by the student*. For example, travel paid directly by a university department or student organization. *We can disburse your grant to a department after travel is completed, if travel paid by department (this does not include student organizations).
  • The OUR reserves the right to limit the number of grants given for any particular conference. For example: If we receive requests from 10 different students to attend the same conference we may only fund 2-3 of those students.
  • NCUR and the ACC meeting of the Minds conferences are handled separately from the Travel Grants and you should not apply for a OUR Travel Grant for funding to attend one of these conferences.

If you have questions please contact Heather King at

CLICK HERE to go to the Apply for a OUR Travel Grant page.