Fall and Spring (Academic Year)

The Office of Undergraduate Research through the Division of Academic & Student Affairs (DASA) will provide research grants up to a maximum of $1,000 to undergraduate students for research projects for the Fall and Spring academic year. The number of grants given is determined by amount of funding available at the time the selection process occurs. Proposals are reviewed by faculty/post-docs within the home college of the mentor.

Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Students wishing to apply for the NC State Undergraduate Research Grants should:
    1. Have a mentor identified for the research,
    2. Prepare a research proposal,
    3. Complete a budget of expenses related to the research, as part of the online submission. (Sample online budget)
    4. Review the Grant Proposal Scoring and Rubric Info
  • The research must be done during the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • ONLY NC State University actively enrolled undergraduates may apply. (Students must be enrolled in classes during the semester of their grant)
  • Students must apply online for the grants.
    • During that process, students will upload their proposal form and provide budget information online
    • Grants will be given to both single student and team proposals.
      • If a team submits a proposal, a team leader should be selected to submit the proposal using the team proposal form and provide team budget online.
  • Students who receive grants are expected to participate in a future NC State Undergraduate Research Symposium (Spring or Summer), see Present Your Research.
    • If you graduate in May, you must present your research at the NC State Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium in April.
    • These grants do not cover stipends/salaries, nor stipends/salaries to survey/research participants.
    • Travel: These research grants cover travel related to conducting research, such as mileage to and from research site to collect samples. Travel related expenses should be a minimal part of the budget submitted for a grant.
          • Research grants do not cover travel to present research. Students seeking funding for travel to present research should apply for the OUR Travel Grant
          • Some study abroad expenses are not covered by these grants. Please contact our office prior to applying if you have questions about study abroad exceptions.
          • If you receive a Fall and Spring grant, you are not eligible to apply for additional funding during the same academic year, ie. Spring Only Grant.
  • Grants will not be processed unless the OUR Proposal Form is used.
  • If you are working with humans – YOU MUST APPLY FOR UNIVERSITY IRB APPROVAL! (even if you are just doing surveys!)
  • If you are working with vertebrate animals – YOUR PROJECT MUST HAVE IACUC APPROVAL!

General Information:

  • Call for proposals will typically open in May and close in mid June.
  • NC State students may also, in addition to presenting at NC State, present at the State of NC Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS) in November each year, NCUR in April and/or, present at a national discipline conference, and/or publish in a professional journal.
  • Students will typically be notified concerning funding in late July/early August.

Funding Amounts:

  • Fall and Spring (Academic Year) – Maximum $1,000
  • Fall ONLY – Maximum $500 (Dec graduates)

Detailed instructions, proposal form and link for submission can be found by using the link on the Fall and Spring 2018-2019 tab in the drop down menu under OUR Student Financial