OUR Federal Work Study Research Assistant Positions


The Office of Undergraduate Research through the Division of Academic & Student Affairs (DASA) will provide undergraduate research positions through the Federal Work Study (FWS) program up to the maximum of the students FWS award during an academic year (typically $1500-$2000). This program was started in the Fall of 2017 with 21 Research Assistant positions being created and expanded to 33 positions in 2018-2019.

The goal of the program is to provide students with a work study position that allows the student to earn money through an enhanced work experience by learning about and conducting research with a faculty mentor. It is the hope of the OUR to expand the program and offer more positions in coming years.

Brief Overview of the Restrictions, Requirements, and Details

Students MUST be eligible for Federal Work Study
Students MUST be undergraduates enrolled at least 6 hours
Students must have a faculty member serve as their mentor
Students must use online application to apply; include a Cover Letter and Resume as part of the application
The student is required to complete an online brief research Interim Report and Final Report
The student is required to complete one professional development experience each semester and submit a brief reflection within 2 weeks of the experience using the web based form on the OUR website.
The student is required to complete one of the following: A) A reflection paper. B) A poster presentation.
The student, if hired, will be a bi-weekly employee of NC State University
Students are paid at a rate of $10 per hour
Average hours worked will be between 6-8 and will not exceed 20 hours per week

Complete Restrictions, Requirements and details may be found in the OUR FWS RA Position Handbook found below.

OUR FWS RA Position Handbook for Students and Mentors CLICK HERE TO APPLY!

The OUR uses a general job listing that is meant to encompass all colleges and disciplines for its posting within the Federal Work Study Job site found in the MyPack Portal. The OUR also receives specific job descriptions from some of the faculty mentors. Once you apply for a OUR FWS RA position you will automatically fall into the general job description category. You may also specify any of the jobs listed below on your OUR application.

This list will be updated as positions come in to our office and it is suggested that you keep checking back. This is not a complete list of faculty, just the ones who have provided more information about their opportunity. If you have already submitted your application and wish to be considered for a specific job listed below, please email the office at undergradresearch-fwsra@ncsu.edu

2019-20 OUR FWS General Job Description

Black Health Lab_App

Psychology – Dr. Haskett

Teen Health Lab

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences FWS RA Job Descriptions 7-8-19

College of Education FWS RA Job Descriptions 7-8-19

College of Engineering FWS RA Job Descriptions 7-25-19

College of Natural Resources FWS RA Job Descriptions 7-8-19

College of Sciences FWS RA Job Descriptions 7-8-19