Travel Awards

The Office of Undergraduate Research through the Division of Academic & Student Affairs (DASA) may provide Travel Awards of up to a maximum of $500 (amounts may vary) to current (active/enrolled) NC State University undergraduate students to formally present their undergraduate research at a regional, national and/or international conference. These awards are given on a rolling basis and there is no hard deadline. The number of available travel awards in any given academic year will be based on available funding.


  • The student must be presenting their own research in a formal presentation at an international, national or regional discipline conference/meeting.
  • The undergraduate student must be listed as lead author or co-author of a undergraduate team only.
  • The student must be an enrolled/active undergraduate student at time of travel.
    • For example, if you graduate in Dec of 2019 you can not apply for a travel award for travel during March of 2020.
  • Travel dates should take place from July 2019 through June 2020.
  • Travel awards will be based on available funds and review of your submission of the completed documents.
  • These awards are not guaranteed to be awarded based solely on completion of submission documents.
  • Each application will be reviewed and a determination email will be sent within 1-2 weeks (5-10 business days) from receipt of ALL required documents.
    • We make every effort to review and approve as completed applications are received, but please allow for the 1-2 week turn around time (aka 1-2 weeks prior to start of travel, though 30+ days prior to travel is recommended).
  • Travel Awards will NOT be approved after travel is completed.
  • The poster or the last oral presentation slide must acknowledge receipt of this travel award from the Office of Undergraduate Research, NC State University; similarly, if the student has received an award to conduct research from the Office of Undergraduate Research, it must also be acknowledged.


  • A student will be awarded a maximum of one (1) Travel award per academic year (July-June).
  • We do not provide funding to those attending a conference you must be presenting your research.
  • Being listed as co-author to a faculty member or graduate student(s) does not qualify for funding. The presentation needs to be the undergraduate student’s work and presented as such.
  • General (cross-discipline) research conferences/symposiums or informal presentations are not included in consideration for funding.
  • Research teams (multiple students) making a single presentation will receive lower priority and may receive reduced funding.
    • For example, a team of two students may be awarded $500 to present one project = $250 per student.
  • These award are processed as travel reimbursements based on University travel policies and procedures.
  • The OUR reserves the right to limit the number of awards given for any particular conference.
    • For example: If we receive requests from 10 different students to attend the same conference we may only fund 2-3 of those students.
  • NCUR, ACC Meeting of the Minds, WCUR and SNCURCS conferences are handled separately from the Travel Awards and you should not apply for a OUR Travel Award for funding to attend one of these conferences.

Expenses that will not be reimbursed to the student:

  • AirBnB, Vbro, Home Away etc
  • Any third party vendors
  • Hotel receipts without the student name listed
  • Poster Printing
  • Expenses paid by a department* to student organization
  • Rental Cars
  • Mileage to anyone other than the driver
  • Meals in excess of per diem rates
CLICK HERE to go to the Apply for a OUR Travel Award page

*If a department covers any part of the travel for a student who is awarded a travel award, then the department will receive the award via an IDT and the student will not be reimbursed for any expense directly.

International Travel Gateway

Effective summer 2017 travel, all students engaging in university-affiliated, non-credit international travel will be required to submit their itinerary to the International Travel Gateway. If you receive a OUR Travel Grant and are traveling outside of the United States, you will HAVE to use the International Travel Gateway.

How to Log Your Travel

  • Please visit:
  • Log in using your Unity ID and password.
  • Select your travel dates and add your destination(s). Provide emergency contact information, and your reason for NC State-affiliated travel. Read and sign the liability waiver. Click Submit.

Students traveling as part of a university-affiliated group must each register individually.

If you have questions please contact Heather King at

What to do After Being Awarded a OUR Travel Award

What to do After Receiving a OUR Travel Award PREPAID TRAVEL:  If a student would like for registration, airfare or other travel related expense paid prior to travel using a university P-Card, they may contact

Apply for OUR Travel Award

STEP ONE: Students must complete and submit online the OUR Travel Award Application form below. You will need a copy of your acceptance from the conference to attach to the form below. This should be