Summer 2019

Summer OUR Research Awards and ACC Summer Fellowships Submissions will Open Feb. 4, 2019 and Close March 10, 2019. After reading the information you will find forms and link to submission site at the bottom of this page.

Please review the Restrictions and Requirements page, as well as, the information below BEFORE accessing the proposal submission portal.

To apply for a research award, a student must:

  1. Download and complete the proposal form for either individual or team, found below, and meet with your mentor to develop the proposal and the budget.
  2. Review the Award Proposal Scoring and Rubric Information
  3. The student must provide mentor name, unity email, College, Department and phone number. This information is for the mentor who will submit a recommendation letter and who has agreed to serve as the official mentor of the project.
  4. The student must complete the online application and budget, upload completed proposal form, as well as identify team members and mentor as part of the online application.
    • If a team is submitting a proposal, only the team leader should register and submit the proposal and budget (team leaders MUST list team members names, unity ID and student ID)
  5. The faculty recommendation letter must be submitted by the deadline using the link provided on the proposal submission website (link below).
  6. Complete the Proposal Form (below) and upload it to the online proposal submission site.  Please limit your proposal to 4 pages, plus cover form provided!  With the Word document form, diagrams can be inserted. Once the pdf form opens in new window,  you must download it in Adobe and save it with your file name. You may then open it in Word if you prefer or use it as a PDF Form.
    • Proposals will be scored on the following components:
      1. Brief description of the proposed research or creative project
      2. Research plan that includes the question being addressed, hypothesis, problem, engineering goal, or creative work with a description in detail of method or procedures, projected timeline, and appropriate references
      3. Statement of the importance and implications for advancing disciplinary knowledge
      4. Link between the research and the student(s)’ curricular interests (research does not have to be in the student(s)’ major
  7. Complete the online budget information (Sample online budget). Funding for expenses that are “incurred as a result of doing research”  WILL NOT IMPACT YOUR FINANCIAL AID.  (team leaders MUST list team members)
    • List all expenses for the research project for which you need funding. Be specific and do not use general categories, such as “supplies”, “living expenses” or “travel” as this may negativity affect your proposal review.
    • Stipend and/or salary will not be funded!   Request ONLY expenses that are incurred as a result of doing research.
    • Summer Awards are only disbursed to students; see the Memo – Summer Award Disbursements

Questions concerning proposal submissions should be sent to the OUR at


Proposal Form:

Individual Proposal Summer 2019 Form

Team Proposal Summer 2019 Form

Award Contract:

If you are awarded a OUR Summer Award or ACC Summer Fellowship, you and each member of a team, will be required to complete an Award Contract. The contract requires both your signature and that of your mentor prior to funds being disbursed.

Contract UGRes Summer 2019 Form

Summer Award Distribution Memo:

Memo – Summer Grant Disbursements

Please read the memo above as it explains the summer grant payment process. All funds go directly to student and funds WILL NOT be sent to mentor.

Click here to submit your proposal for Summer 2019 Research Awards