OUR Federal Work Study Positions

Currently we are not accepting any new FWS Research Assistant Applications for the 2018-19 academic year. Please check back late summer 2019 for academic year 2019-20. Thank you!

The Office of Undergraduate Research through the Division of Academic & Student Affairs (DASA) will provide undergraduate research positions through the Federal Work Study (FWS) program up to the maximum of the students FWS award during an academic year (typically $1500-$2000). The number of positions per academic year is determined by amount of funding available and the number of approved jobs by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship. This program was started in the Fall of 2017 with 21 Research Assistant positions being created. The goal of the program is to provide students with a work study position that allows the student to earn money through an enhanced work experience by learning about and conducting research with a faculty mentor.

It is the hope of the OUR to expand the program and offer more positions in coming years.

2018-19 OUR FWS Research Assistant Positions

  • 30-50 positions available in 2018-19 for undergraduates who are eligible for Federal Work Study.
    • Students may view the job posting via the MyPack Portal Work Study once open by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (typically early August).
    • To check your eligibility for Federal Work Study, contact your Financial Aid Counselor (https://emas.ncsu.edu/units/scholarships-and-financial-aid/)
  • Students who do not currently have a mentor identified may be interviewed by a faculty member and may be offered a research assistant position.
    • Faculty may choose to select a specific candidate with or without conducting interviews. The OUR will not be conducting the interviews, nor will the office be serving as a students direct supervisor.
  • Students who are already working with a mentor or have a mentor identified are also eligible to apply, provided they are FWS eligible.
    • Students who have a mentor identified will still complete the Google Form where they will list the faculty mentor and the OUR will confirm with the faculty member that they will serve as research mentor to the student.
  • The OUR will oversee the payroll for all OUR FWS students and students should report any missed time punches to the OUR unless otherwise specified.
  • Students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours as a University employee. If you work other jobs on campus this would be a combined total hours for all University employment.
  • Please note: Students will not be awarded both an OUR grant and an OUR FWS position from our office, though students may apply for both, only one option will be funded.
  • 2018-19 FWS OUR Research Asst Position Job Description


  • Students MUST be eligible for Federal Work Study through the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.
  • Students are asked to complete an online survey/application (see link below) which includes providing a resume and answering interest questions.
    • The OUR office highly recommends providing as much additional information as possible on the survey, as this information helps our office find mentors and is reviewed by perspective faculty mentors. The OUR will use the resumes and information provided in this survey to review and then provide that information to faculty based on the areas of interest noted.
  • Complete the online application by the deadline.
  • Students who are offered a OUR FWS position will sign a contract with our office. The faculty mentor will also sign the contract.
  • Due to the accounting processes of the OUR and the end of the fiscal year, students will not be able to work through finals week. All positions will be terminated at the end of April (see contract for exact date).