Fall and Spring 2019-2020 (Academic Year)

Proposals will be accepted May 1-June 25

Information below should be reviewed BEFORE accessing the Award portal. Be sure to read the RESTRICTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS.
Deadline for proposal submission is June 25 at 11:59pm. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


To apply for a research award, including the Panhellenic Research Award, a student must:

  1. Download the Research Award Proposal Form (found below)
  2. Identify and meet with your project mentor to develop the proposal and budget. Your mentor must:
    • Agree to serve as the official mentor of the project
    • Submit a Letter of Recommendation using the link provided within the Proposal Submission Portal
  3. Review the Award Proposal Scoring and Rubric Info – this document outlines how your proposal will be scored
  4. Complete and submit the online application. This includes:
    • Uploading your completed Research Award Proposal Form
    • Adding your requested budget items and amounts – please be specific in your item description – for example, “Fuel for 4 round trips to Asheboro, NC” (not “Gas”) or “1 case of syringes” (not “Supplies”)
    • Adding team members (if applicable)

Team Proposals: If a team is submitting a proposal, only the team leader should register and submit the proposal and budget forms (team leaders MUST list team members)

Questions concerning proposal submissions should be sent to Annie Carlson Welch at awcarlso@ncsu.edu



Research Award Proposal Form

  • Download and complete this form with your mentor’s assistance
  • Your final document is limited to 5 pages total (cover form + 4 pages)
  • Save as a PDF
  • Upload this document to the Proposal Submission Portal


Sample Budget

  • This document provides a sample of the information asked within the online application
  • Submit final budget projections in the Proposal Submission Portal