Academic Year Awards

The Office of Undergraduate Research through the Division of Academic & Student Affairs (DASA) will provide research and creative works awards ranging in amounts up to $1,000 for research projects for the academic year (fall and spring semesters). These awards are open to all disciplines for students pursuing undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activities.



  • Only NC State University undergraduates may apply
  • Students must be enrolled in classes during the fall and spring semesters
  • If you receive an academic year award, you are not eligible to apply for the spring semester award (only one research award per academic year, not including summer)



  • Proposals must be submitted online during the call for proposals. Late proposals will not be accepted.
  • Research must be done during the fall and spring semesters
  • Award recipients are expected to participate in the NC State Undergraduate Research Symposium – spring or summer (see Present Your Research)
    • Note: If you graduate in May, you must present your research at the NC State Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium in April
  • If you are working with humans – you must apply for IRB approval (even if you are just doing surveys)
  • If you are working with vertebrate animals – you must apply for IACUC approval



Students wishing to apply for the NC State Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Awards should:

  • Have a research mentor identified
  • Prepare a research proposal
  • Complete a budget of expenses related to the research (sample online budget)
  • Review the Award Proposal Scoring and Rubric Info
  • Complete an online application
    • Upload your proposal form
    • Provide budget information
    • Indicate research mentor
    • Upload a Letter of Recommendation (the research mentor is responsible for this)
  • Team Proposals
    • A team leader should be selected to submit the proposal
    • All team members must be listed on the proposal
  • Proposals are reviewed by faculty and post-docs within the home college of the project mentor



  • Amounts:
    • Academic Year – maximum $1,000
    • Fall Only – maximum $500 (this applies to December graduates only)
  • Number and amount of awards given is determined by amount of funding available at the time the selection process occurs
  • These awards do not cover:
    • Stipends/salaries to the student researcher(s) or mentor(s)
    • Stipends/salaries to survey/research participants
    • Prizes or giveaways to participants
    • Faculty travel
    • Living expenses
  • Travel Funding:
    • These awards cover travel related to conducting your research ONLY, such as mileage to and from a research site to collect samples
    • Travel-related expenses should be a minimal part of the budget submitted for an award
    • Research awards do not cover travel to present research. Students seeking funding for travel to present research should apply for the OUR Travel Award
  • Some study abroad expenses are not covered by these awards. Please contact our office prior to applying if you have questions about study abroad exceptions.


General Information:

  • Call for proposals will typically open in May and close in mid June prior to the next academic year
  • In addition to presenting at NC State symposia, students are encouraged to present at:
    • State of NC Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS) in November
    • National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in April
    • A national or international discipline conference
    • Publish in a professional journal
  • Students will typically be notified concerning funding in late July/August