Meet the OUR Ambassadors

Hello, We’re the OUR Ambassadors! We are NC State undergraduate students who help connect other undergraduate students with the research experience at NC State, which includes:

  • promote undergraduate research on campus
  • serve as peer mentors to students interested in a research experience
  • help the OUR maintain student-focused programs across a wide array of disciplines
  • bridge mentor relations and build partnerships within their college
  • serve as peer reviewers for the undergraduate statewide research journal Explorations

We can be found online using GPS during our office hours (listed below in Eastern Time) by appointment or drop in. Feel free to visit any of us during our office hours (in-person or virtually) to help you along the way to undergraduate research!

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2021-2022 OUR Ambassadors


College of Natural Resources

Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology


College of Agriculture & Life Sciences



College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering & Biomanufacturing