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New Partnership with NC State’s Panhellenic Association

(Announced by Lexi DeFalco, Panhellenic President, and Sam Fiore, VP Communications, at the 28th Annual Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium on April 24, 2019.)


The Panhellenic Association is the governing body of the 10 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities on campus, as well as 1 Associate Member chapter. The Panhellenic Association at NC State organizes formal recruitment, inter-sorority events, and community service projects.

This year, we are excited to announce we will be partnering with the Office of Undergraduate Research to give one woman a $500 research award for the upcoming academic year. This award is open to any undergraduate student who identifies as a woman, with preference given to members of the Panhellenic community or students conducting research on women’s issues. The only requirements necessary to apply for this award are a project proposal, a letter of recommendation, and an intended research mentor. The system is open for proposals beginning May 1st and closes on June 25th. If interested, please consider visiting the Office of Undergraduate Research website, and watching out for posts on our Panhellenic social media sites.

For all of the students in the room, whether you have just begun your research or have been working on your studies for months or even years, we would love to help you continue in your endeavors. We are inspired by the work you are completing and encourage you to extend your research with this award if possible.

For the faculty members in the room, we need your help in finding and encouraging students to pursue this awesome opportunity. We ask that, if possible, you recommend outstanding women that you know to apply for this award.

On behalf of the Panhellenic Association, I want to say that we are very excited that we are able to support the academic pursuits of women on campus in this way, and hope that this award can help a woman pursue her professional and personal passions.


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