Reference and Training

Research Ethics: This office suggests the review of the Code of Ethics for Undergraduate Research adopted by CUR in July 2017. We also recommend the NSF RCR 101: Foundations in the Responsible Conduct of Research

If you are working in the realm of computers you may wish to have students look at

Lab Safety: Lab Safety Module via the NIH website

Humane Care and Use of Animals in Research: Specifics on care and use of animals (SPARCS Tutorial Animals) or human subjects (SPARCS Tutorial Humans), property rights and patents (Resources for Inventors),

Responsible Conduct in Research:  Ethics Learning Modules & Readings

CITI: Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

Columbia University: Conflicts of Interest, Mentoring, Responsible Authorship and Peer Review, Research Misconduct, Collaborative Science and Data Acquisition and Management

National Science Foundation: NSF-funded provides a learning module and follow-up quiz on Scientific Ethics

Books and Journals

The National Academies Press book “On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research” is available online.

Science and Engineering Ethics

Disciplinary Codes of  Ethics

American Chemical Society

Association for Computing Machinery

National Academy of Engineering Online Ethics Center

Society for Neuroscience Responsible Conduct Regarding Scientific Communication

Resources for Research Ethics Education

AAAS Integrity in Scientific Research resource page

NAP’s Integrity in Scientific Research: Creating an Environment That Promotes Responsible Conduct

HHS Office of Research IntegrityThis link will open in a new window

Honor in Science (Sigma Xi)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Lab Safety Site 

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Biointeractive Virtual Labs