Need a Research Assistant?

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Federal Work Study Research Assistant Positions

Faculty members wishing to hire a research assistant should consider selecting a student applicant from the OUR FWS RA pool of candidates. The program was started 2 years ago to provide students an enriching research experience while being able to earn wages. The OUR covers 25% of the salaries and the Federal Work Study Program covers 75%. This means the faculty and faculty’s department does not have to provide any financial support for the student salary. The faculty mentor provides a mutually beneficial and research intensive experience for the student. At the end of the academic year, students should be able to present the research they have worked on or be able to write a reflection paper answering specific questions about their research experience.

Faculty Mentor Benefits

  • FREE!  A research assistant at no cost to the faculty or faculty’s department. The OUR and Financial Aid cover the salary.
    • Students are hired as bi-weekly employees and work an average of 6-8 hours per week
  • Open to faculty on all disciplines and colleges
  • Provides faculty new and/or additional avenues to explore research
  • New faculty have an opportunity to jump start their research and gain mentoring experience
  • OUR will advertise your position and provide you with each applicant’s cover letter, resume, and application answers for you to review
    • You may interview one or more, all, or none, but the selection is your choice and not made by our office
  • OUR will complete all HR paperwork and work with the student through the payroll process
Please review the Faculty section of the OUR FWS Research Asst Position Handbook for more information and details. You may also contact Heather King via email at for more information.