Federal Work-Study Research Assistant Program

Faculty / PI’s who are conducting research and are in need of undergraduate research assistant(s) are encouraged to complete the mentor interest form using the link below. This program provides RA’s to PI’s with no cost to departments/colleges. Funding for the position is provided by the OUR and the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.

The OUR FWS RA program recruits undergraduate students to apply for positions as research assistants. Positions are filled during the academic year using a generic job description or the job description provided to us by the PI. FWS is not available during the summer semesters and students will not be covered by this program over the summer.

The key requirement for the program is financial need. Students who apply must be eligible for a federal work-study position and have an FWS award as part of their financial aid package.

In addition to working as a RA, students are asked to complete a professional development activity each semester, are expected to present their research work at the spring symposium or complete a reflection paper and are asked to provide an assessment survey of the program at the end of their employment for the academic year.

Details of the program may be found in the handbook [link below].

Mentor Interest Form