The Office of Undergraduate Research is committed to helping foster healthy and productive mentor/student relationships.

Chancellor Randy Woodson tours the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center

Chancellor Randy Woodson tours the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center

The advice and direction provided by faculty mentors are crucial to the success of students in their research endeavors.  As a master to an apprentice, the mentor’s job is to supervise and direct research but also to challenge, nurture and shepherd young researchers into possible future careers. In all cases, mentors are an integral part in the planning, development, and implementation of students’ research projects. Students benefit greatly from mentor input in all stages of their research.



During the research project:

  • Set up a meeting schedule with the student to report on progress and provide the opportunity for questions and advice
  • Coach student in appropriate time management, and set deadlines for stages of research and writing


  • Review student abstracts, articles and posters
  • Serve as a test audience for student presentations

Does mentoring “count” as research? Teaching? Service?

Many faculty members new to mentoring have questions about how their participation as a mentor will be acknowledged by their department. Acknowledgement of and rewards for mentoring vary among departments and colleges; faculty should consult with their department chairs to learn promotion and tenure expectations. The NC State Office of Undergraduate Research considers student mentoring to be teaching (and in some cases, research) rather than service.

The Research Development Office can assist faculty in finding research funding for individual, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary research funding. Contact:

  • Research Development Office
    (919) 513-0139
    Campus Box 7018, Raleigh, NC 27695-7018
    Springboard Innovation Hub, Poulton Innovation Center, 1021 Main Campus Dr., Raleigh NC 27606
  • Tips on finding funding
  • Please note that the RDO is not affiliated with the OUR and is a separate office under a different university division. This information is provided as a courtesy and all questions relating to faculty research funding should go to the RDO.

Best Mentoring Practices

Who Are the NC State Mentors? NC State seeks on- and off-campus faculty mentors as well as mentors from the large pool of scientists/professionals/writers/historians/artisans within local, state and federal agencies, and from municipalities, corporations, foundations,

Resources for Faculty/Mentors

Online courses and modules elsewhere National Institutes of Health Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Biointeractive Virtual Labs How to prepare and give a poster presentation Creating Effective Poster Presentations Using NC State Brand approved poster templates

Federal Work-Study Research Assistant Program

The OUR Federal Work-Study Research Assistant program (OUR FWS RA) provides RA’s to PI’s at no cost to departments/colleges. Funding for the position is provided by the OUR and the Office of Scholarship and Financial