Coronavirus Impacts on Undergraduate Research

(Updated August 6, 2020)

The Office of Undergraduate Research is available both in person and virtually to students, faculty, and staff. We encourage all members of the NC State community to keep abreast of the university’s response to the coronavirus.

Guidelines for Undergraduate Research Involvement

As NC State ramps up operations for the fall 2020 semester, undergraduates are eager to get back to their research projects that were largely put on hold in the spring. While undergraduate research has not stopped as a result of COVID-19, it has pivoted to focus on remote research activities.

For the fall semester, undergraduates will be able to conduct research on campus if they fall into one of these categories:

    1. Student is hired as an hourly employee supported by various sources of funds (i.e. grants, federal work study, PEP, etc.)
    2. Student is engaging in research as part of a formal academic program or course
      • Most departments offer variable credit undergraduate research courses
      • Contact your research mentor and/or academic advisor about this option
    3. Student is engaging in research remotely (not in NC State facilities)

All undergraduate researchers working on campus must be approved by the mentor’s department/college research project approval process to ensure adherence to facility limitations, social distance requirements, and CSC guidelines.

In general this fall, undergraduates will not be approved as volunteer researchers under the current project approval process.

Please contact the OUR if you have specific questions about undergraduate research this fall.

Fall 2020 Research Award Recipients

  • You should be in contact with your mentor regarding your project and ability to complete it
  • In accordance with the guidelines above, we recommend you seek course credit for your research so you can receive an approval. Talk with your mentor or academic advisor about course credit options.

Student Advising

Information Sessions

  • To schedule an information session, please contact
  • Please provide date(s), time(s), estimated number of attendees, and any special requests for the presentation

Travel Awards

  • Suspended until further notice

SNCURCS – State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium

  • Will take place virtually in November (date TBD)
  • Submission and registration deadlines will be provided as soon as they are made public

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