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29th Annual NC State (virtual!) Undergraduate Research & Creativity Spring Symposium

[callout bodyfontface=”universcondensed” heading=”Spring Symposium is now virtual!” headingtype=”h3″ headingfontface=”glypha” headingicon=”noicon” textalign=”textcenter” url=”” type=”basic” bgcolor=”huntyellow” margin=”thinmargin”]Click here for details on how to register, present, and participate in the event[/callout]

[lead]Please join us at the 29th Annual NC State Undergraduate Research & Creativity Spring Symposium![/lead]

Each spring the Office of Undergraduate Research hosts an annual research and creativity symposium where more than 400 NC State students share their original and innovative research, engineering, scholarly endeavors, design, and creative works with the campus community. The Symposium is open to all NC State undergraduate students who have worked with NC State faculty, faculty at other colleges and universities, or professionals with expertise in their fields.

Posters, oral presentations, and exhibitions will be uploaded to ForagerOne Symposium. We invite the community to join us online April 24-25 to engage with our presenters on their outstanding work.

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