NC State Summer Research Experience (SRE) Programs

Why should you apply for an Undergraduate Summer Research Experience (SRE) at NC State University?  

NC State's Summer Research Programs offer hands-on research experiences that:

  • introduce students to all aspects of research (planning experiments, managing time, writing up results, and presenting work)
  • familiarize participants with the ethical issues of research
  • enable students to work on projects that can eventually become their senior theses
  • support students as they determine if they are truly interested in pursuing a graduate degree that involves research
  • assist students in deciding what field of research they would like to pursue
  • help students meet individuals attending other universities, making contacts that can last a lifetime
  • introduce students to mentors that can make a big difference in their future academic development
  • make students more desirable candidates to graduate school search committees
  • prepare students to be more competitive for national scholarships and fellowships
  • provide students an insider's look at NC State University (to which some students will apply for graduate work)

SRE student participants are housed in the same location, which makes it easy to share experiences and make new friends with common interests and goals.  In addition, SRE participants engage in several joint activities:

  • Summer Research Program Welcoming Reception
  • Safety Training
  • Seminars on How to Make Effective Research Poster Presentations
  • Seminar on Diversity
  • Seminar on Financing Graduate Education
  • Seminar on Research Ethics
  • Social Events
  • Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium

Summer Programs at NC State University and Information:

For more information, use the contact information listed for each of the programs.


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