NC State Undergraduate Research Grants

Call for Proposals for Research during the Academic Year - Fall 2014 through Spring 2015.  Grants for up to $1,000.  Deadline to apply is June 9, 2014!


The Office of Undergraduate Research through the Division of Academic & Student Affairs (DASA) will provide up to $1,000 in grants to undergraduate students for research projects for the academic year of Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. The deadline for applications is 11:59 pm, Monday June 9, 2014.  The research must be done during the fall and spring semesters.  Students may work on campus or off campus.  Students must apply online for the grants.  During that process, students will upload their proposal and budget using the forms below. The site is open for formal registration and grant submission .   Grants will be given to single student and team proposals.  If a team submits a proposal, a team leader should be selected to register and submit the proposal using the team proposal and budget forms.  Detailed instructions for submission are found below. Questions concerning registration should be sent to Judy Day at .  Students will be notified concerning funding in late July or early August 2014.   Students who receive grants are expected to participate in a future NC State Undergraduate Research Symposium, see (  NC State students may also present in addition at the State of NC Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium in November each year, publish in the NC State Undergraduate Research Journal, present at a professional conference, or publish in a professional journal. 


To apply for a research grant, a student must download and complete the proposal and budget documents for either individuals or teams found below and meet with their mentor to develop the proposal and the budget. The student can select if the funds should be given to the student, the mentor (helpful if equipment is to be purchased), or split between the student and the mentor. The budget form is used by the Office of Financial Aid to determine impact on any University financial aid support of the student. The student must identify the faculty mentor for the project online who will submit a recommendation and who has agreed to serve as the official mentor of the project.  The student must complete the online application and upload the budget form and proposal form and identify team members and mentor online as part of the application.  The faculty recommendation must be submitted by the June 9, 2014 deadline through the link provided to them through the student application process.

Individual Proposal Form, Team Proposal Form

Individual Budget Form, Team Budget Form

Submission Site:

 Mentors should log in and upload their recommendations at: link will open in a new window

Deadline: June 9, 2014

  • Complete the Proposal Form and upload it to the online registration site.  Please limit your proposal to 4 pages!  With the Word document form, diagrams can be inserted.  If a team is submitting a proposal, only the team leader should register and submit the proposal (team leaders MUST list team members)
    • Brief description of the proposed research or creative project 
    • Research plan that includes the question being addressed, hypothesis, problem, engineering goal, or creative work with a description in detail of method or procedures, projected timeline, and appropriate references
    • Statement of the importance and implications for advancing disciplinary knowledge
    • Link between the research and the student(s)’ curricular interests (research does not have to be in the student(s)’ major
    • Save the form with your name included in the file name.  Ex: judy_day_proposal_14_15.doc
  • Complete the research budget and upload to the grant registration site.  If a team is submitting a proposal, only the team leader should register and submit the budget. (team leaders MUST list team members)
    • List all expenses for the research project for which you need funding.  Break down the expenses by category such as supplies, equipment, travel, printing, etc.  If you need more than the 50% of the grant in the fall, please check this and give an explanation of this on the budget form as well.
    • Additional information about the Budget can be found on this budget explanation document.
    • Discuss with the mentor if the funds should be distributed to the student (travel, general supplies) or to the mentor (equipment that would be difficult for the student to order).
    • Provide all information needed at the top of the Form.
    • Save the form with your name included in the file name. Ex: judy_day_budget_14_15.
  • If your mentor is from NC State University, you will need to enter his/her Unity ID.  This will then notify your mentor that you have listed them for the grant and will need a recommendation from them.  If your mentor is NOT from NC State University, you will need to enter name, address, affiliation (University, Government Agency, Business, etc), Discipline or Department, email, and phone.


NC State Undergraduate Research Grants
  • NC State Undergraduate Research Awards (Grants)
    • Main Call for Proposals for NC State Undergraduate Research Grants are given twice a year. Grant submissions for funding for the Fall and Spring semesters begins on April 1 and closes on June 9 of the prior Spring semester. Grant submissions for Spring and/or Summer semesters opens on September 1 and closes on October 17 of the Fall semester. 
    • Maximum awards for the Fall and Spring semester combined is $1,000.
    • Maximum awards for the Spring only are $750.
    • Maximum awards for the Spring and Summer or Summer only are $1,000.