Atlantic Coast Conference Inter-Institutional Academic Collaborative (ACCIAC) Fellowships

The ACCIAC Fellows Program in Creativity and Innovation supports undergraduates involved in student-driven projects at each of the ACC member campuses.   NC State University will award five $3,000 ACCIAC Fellowships in 2015.

Submissions deadline will be Wednesday, March 18, 2015! 

The goal of this program is to directly connect undergraduate students to core ACC university missions of creativity and innovation.  The ACCIAC Fellows Program in Creativity and Innovation represents the conference’s excellence in, and commitment to, quality undergraduate education.

Important Information:

  • Originality, Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Risk (strength of originality and the unique approach of the work)
  • Experimentation (Details of the experimental goals, design, methods and expected results)
  • Evidence of how the results will be used; appreciation for the value of research in the chosen discipline
  • The research/creative effort must occur during the summer of 2015.
  • A final report of the research must be received by August 14, 2015.  Students must be able to complete this requirement in order to consider applying for the fellowship.
  • Connections between the project and candidate's curricular interest

A strong independent focus is expected but it may involve multi-college or multi-university ventures, artistic endeavors, or research or creative projects.  Projects supported may include team-driven activities or individual projects, multi-university ventures, artistic endeavors, videos, and creative projects abroad. Projects may be done at NC State University, abroad, or other locations. Projects selected for funding must submit a final report of the research by August 14, 2015.



Application Process:

  1. Submit Online Application
  2. Included in the online application, you will need to uplaod the following: 1. Proposal  ACCIAC Proposal Form and 2. Budget on the ACCIAC Budget Form before the deadline of 11:59 pm, on Friday 3/18/2015.
  3. Recommendation by the research mentor (mentor’s assessment of the student’s qualifications and drive to complete the project); submitted by the mentor separately via a link provided in email to mentor after you have assigned a mentor in the online application: Mentor deadline of 11:59 pm, on Friday 3/20/2015. Site for the mentor upload is
  4. Awards announced by April 16, 2015